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Honoring Their Sacrifice With Our Service



George Washington: “The Road to Glory in A Patriot Army and A Free Country Is Thus Open to All”

As we celebrate the anniversary of our first #CommanderinChief, we also are reminded of the #BadgeofMerit, which honored service members for meritorious actions. Today, the #PurpleHeart Medal has taken its place. The #PurpleHeartFoundation honors all men and women who have served our country. Join the Purple Heart Foundation by making a one-time or monthly #pledge to help these men and women.


“All Men Are Created Equal”: A Look at the Life of Thomas Jefferson

The #PurpleHeartFoundation is committed to assisting all #veterans and their families, including those who have governed our great nation as President. You can support the men and women who fight for our country by making a one-time or monthly #pledge today. Your support is greatly appreciated, and you can be the difference in the life of a veteran.

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